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Lesley Waters Dobis

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At 7 pm after a full day of work, I went to an essential oils talk in a yoga studio.  Sitting on the floor wasn't really helping my already achy back.  Essential oils were passed around the room with an explanation for each one.  I heard how they supported our health and happiness and saw that other people were growing as interested as I was.  We asked questions of the person who gave the talk and then talked with each other.  When I looked at the time as I got ready to leave, it was three hours later!  I walked to my car, but I really could have danced to my car.  I wasn't tired and my back didn't hurt.  I just felt GOOD, actually better than I'd felt in a while.  I had been giving massages for over ten years at that point and I'd used many different brands of essential oils.  None of them made me feel the same as Young Living oils.  It's a real claim when they talk about the quality of Young Living.  Your body can tell the difference in brands.  Mine certainly does.

I've been in the health field for over almost two decades now. As a massage therapist, a business owner, and a mom I've realized how important vitality is. If I don't take care of my own health, I can't help anyone else. And I really enjoy helping others take better care of themselves. Since using the Young Living products at home and on clients, I've seen what a difference a simple thing like diffusing or rubbing on essential oils can make. Luckily, it doesn't stop there since Young Living has such a wide variety of products that are infused with essential oils such as supplements, soaps, and snacks. I'd love to be able to share these oils and see what a difference they can make for you.